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Workflow of beer production equipment

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    In recent years, sales of products for brewing beer equipment have increased, and with the increase in sales of home-brewed beer in recent years, many small partners wish to seize the home-brewed beer business opportunity and purchase brewing equipment. Many partners buy brewing equipment in addition to brewing equipment, but are not yet clear about the brewing process of beer production equipment. Follow this article below and let’s take a closer look at it.

    Brewing beer equipment

    Beer production equipment workflow


    1、Saccharification: One of the essential steps for wort oxygen absorption is saccharification, we should strictly control the time of malt crushing, the airtightness of saccharification, the boiling strength of wort should be more than 8%, avoiding the wort gyration time too long, and try to do the saccharification in a relatively airtight environment to reduce the chance of contact between hot wort and oxygen.

    2、Fermentation: the only chance for wort to contact oxygen is fermentation, so we should increase the testing and frequency, the dissolved oxygen content of wort is required at 6~8mg/l. The number of yeast in the full tank is controlled at 10~15 million yeast/ml, and it is strictly forbidden to store half tank of wine for a long time and pour the tank.Learn about Beer fermenter products

    3. Filtration: When compressing air, the wort increases the chance of entering oxygen, which oxidizes the beer and has an effect on the body. Therefore, the sake tank uses 99.9% purity carbon dioxide for pressure preparation. Sake is filtered under equal pressure with deoxygenated water, and diatomaceous earth is added to the deoxygenated water stream. The sake pipeline avoids the formation of end currents and high dissolved oxygen content in the sake. Sake tank sake storage should not exceed 24 hours, to fill in time.

    4, filling: filling process to try to avoid contact between beer and oxygen, be sure to ensure that the cans and cans, strip packaging line with a purity of 99.9% carbon dioxide pressure preparation, the second bottle vacuum. Implement smooth filling and reduce the number of stops. Use high-pressure frothing device to reduce the air content of the bottle neck. To enhance the quality awareness of the staff, prohibit the manual blending of wine and the second on-line filling.

    The above is the working process of beer production equipment. We hope it can help you to know more about brewing equipment. If you want to know more about brewing equipment, you can pay more attention to Vdobrew website.

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