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What should I pay attention to when buying beer brewing equipment ?

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    Many people’s understanding of beer may only be superficial, and a little more proficient may be the taste of beer. Beer equipment manufacturer vdobrew tells you, what do you need to buy beer brewing equipment?

    Beer brewing also needs the environment it can adapt to, as well as key steps such as the fermentation of raw materials. Beer is a fermented drink, so you need to pay attention to equipment and a clean environment.

    Homebrew beer equipment
    Homebrew beer equipment

    The material of the equipment (is it stainless steel or aluminum, what is the thickness, what is the material label. The common brewing source equipment is food grade.. stainless steel); the material of the equipment directly determines the life of the regular use of the equipment, and it is necessary to purchase the equipment when Ask about the lifespan of the regular use of the equipment, the warranty period, and whether the warranty is the main warranty or the overall warranty.

    Look at the equipment itself (whether the equipment can paste the pot and how the cooling effect is), the current brewing equipment is basically an energy-saving equipment with a double-layer automatic anti-paste pot, and there are some common equipment on the market. To distinguish whether it is a double-layer equipment or a single-layer wine source, the double-layer can also be accurately seen from the appearance (the outer circle has a larger outer layer and the bottom is wide, and the ordinary single-layer equipment is a straight barrel style). The material of the winemaking equipment choose.

    First, you have to choose a reputable company to suspend the purchase, so that there will be no major problems in terms of equipment quality or after-sales issues. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturing materials of each equipment selling company are not the same. The materials of brewing equipment are various, and the more common ones are aluminum, iron and stainless steel.


    As for aluminum, it has low acid and alkali resistance, and has a short service life limit. It is important that in the process of winemaking, aluminum winemaking equipment will produce chemical reactions and generate alumina, which not only affects to a large extent. It is very inappropriate for the quality of the wine to be affected, and it can also affect the body of the drinker. Based on this, aluminum has been gradually eliminated by people.

    Home-brewed beer equipment and equipment (what does the brewing equipment manufacturer give away, and what does a complete set of equipment include); common gifts include alcohol concentration meters, thermometers, stainless steel valves, etc. You can also choose filters, etc. again when you are shopping for brewing equipment.

    Beer is a very common drink, whether in bars, barbecue stalls, hot pot restaurants, etc. Generally, beer can be seen as long as it is convenient to eat, and beer is also a very popular drink to quench thirst. , A small amount of alcohol is also good for the body.

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