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How to use the new brewing equipment

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    1. The brewing equipment shall be disinfected before installation.

    The brewing equipment shall be cleaned and disinfected with clean water before installation to ensure the basic hygiene of the brewing process.

    2. The wine equipment needs to be re-sterilized with steam before use.

    The first sterilization before installation is far from enough. Before using the equipment, it needs to be sterilized. This time, steam is used for sterilization. The specific operation method is to add to the boiler. When the water reaches the high water level, the fire is burned. The boiler, wine barrel, and cooler are connected with a steam pipe. After the water is boiled about half an hour later, the fire is turned off and the steam disinfection work is completed.

    Pubs brewing equipment
    Pubs brewing equipment

    3. Observe the water level of the steam cabinet at any time during the steaming process.

    The water in the steam cabinet should be added to the high water level before steaming, and during the distillation process, check whether the water in the water level pipe is below the low water level at any time. If the water level is found When it is about to approach the low water level, the firepower should be reduced, and water should be added to the furnace in time.

    4. The steam cabinet avoids air burning without water. Sometimes it is careless.

    The water in the steam cabinet has been burned out. At this time, there will be an air burning without water. This will not only damage the equipment, but also may cause a fire. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to this point.

    5. After the wine is steamed, the equipment must be drained and drained, and a good habit must be developed.

    After each steaming of the wine, drain the drain and clean the brewing equipment in time to avoid blockage of the equipment, which is not conducive to Use next time. The production process of brewing equipment is closely related to the food of the wine, so the sterilization and detoxification work is very important. In addition, this kind of operation will also make the public more comfortable and assured when drinking.

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