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Advantages and disadvantages of two vessel beer equipment system

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    Two vessel beer equipment, also known as two-tank two-body equipment, is mainly composed of saccharification filter tank + boiling rotary sedimentation tank.

    The function of the saccharification filter tank: saccharification filtration; the function of the boiling rotary sedimentation tank: the boiling rotary sedimentation. If you configure another hot water tank, the work efficiency can be increased by 50%.

    Two Vessel Beer Equipment System
    Two Vessel Beer Equipment System

    The advantages and disadvantages of the two vessel beer equipment system are obvious.


    Manufacturers of beer brewing equipment will introduce:

    The advantages of the two-can beer equipment system:

    ①The equipment is simple and the investment is small.

    ②The pipeline is simple and easy to operate.

    ③ The height of the equipment is low, and the height requirements of the site are not high.

    two vessel beer equipment system
    two vessel beer equipment system

    Its main disadvantages are:


    ①When wort is filtered, only suction filtration can be used (that is, the wort is in the filter tank, the wort is extracted by the wort pump, and then pumped into the boiling rotary sedimentation tank), the filtration speed is relatively slow, and the requirements for the winemaker are very high. Mistakes will lead to compaction of the particle layer, difficulty in filtration, and deformation of the sieve plate in severe cases, affecting subsequent use.

    ②In order to reduce the influence on spin sinking, such devices generally do not have anti-rotation crosses. The anti-rotation cross is mainly installed in the mash pot to prevent eddy currents when the mash is poured. Obviously, when no anti-rotation cross/cooker is provided for the mash, a vortex tends to form when the mash is poured, causing gas to enter the wort pump, causing the gas to combine with the wort pump. In light cases, cavitation is caused by a large amount of gas entering the wort pump, which affects the service life of the wort pump. .

    ③ In the beer equipment manufacturing industry, a stirrer is generally set in the boiling pot. Because the boiling pot has the function of a spinning sink, the stirrer will affect the effect of the spinning sink.

    ④ Washing water can only be prepared in advance and stored in a container or fermenter (it is generally not recommended to store it in a fermenter. Improper operation may cause a vacuum in the fermenter or affect the operation of the ice water system), that is, it is troublesome to operate. Heat loss is large.

    ⑤ When mashing, only the mashing method can be used. There are fewer steps for mashing temperature and higher requirements for malt quality.

    ⑥ Generally, only two batches can be brewed a day, and the winemaker needs to stay up late to work overtime.

    We must be careful when choosing a beer brewing system, this process determines the quality and batch of beer we brew.

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