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The role of 3D renderings in brewery design

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    We can proudly tell you that our engineer team has the ability to produce 3D CAD, and can show the expected effect of the brewery through 3D design drawings for each customer before the brewery is put into construction.

    3D drawings visualize the brewery


    3D rendering of brewery
    3D rendering of brewery

    The sales engineer will go through the detailed design process with the customer first, and they will make a detailed list of the required brewery equipment, including the number of accessories, and the special needs of the customer. Then communicate it to our engineering designers, carry out layout design according to the planned site, communicate with professional electric masters to ensure the reasonable design of power system and hydraulic system, and complete graphic design drawings and 3D renderings.

    3D drawings provide better visualization

    2D drawings can express the layout of the brewery very well, but once pipes, components, etc. are added, the 2D drawings will appear messy, and many potential problems in future construction and use will be ignored. 3D drawings allow anyone to easily visualize all the complexities of brewery design from any angle, as well as spot problems early, saving a lot of time and money.

    Brewery pipeline layout trends​​​​​​


    3D drawings visualize the brewery

    3D drawings reduce errors

    The ability to move and view the brewing equipment from all angles allows us to spot any design errors before production, through this we can also confirm the optimal placement of valves, check and remove any dead legs, and the optimal setup of the piping system .

    Because small differences can have a big impact on the quality of your beer. Whatever your craft beer project is, we can make it a reality.

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