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The difference between German beer equipment and American beer equipment

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    Speaking of the difference between beer equipment, the editor thinks that it mainly refers to the saccharification equipment. The basic functions that the saccharification equipment needs to complete are saccharification, filtration, boiling, and spin-sinking. Therefore, in essence, as long as these four functions can be completed, there is no essential difference.

    The so-called difference is only the difference in craftsmanship and habit.

    Brewing beer equipment
    Brewing beer equipment

    The traditional saccharification of beer equipment is “three pots and two tanks”. The three pots are the gelatinization pot, the saccharification pot, and the boiling pot. Specific to craft beer equipment, craft breweries generally use “four-body saccharification” (also known as four-body saccharification), a German-style whole-malt leaching and saccharification process. Smaller-scale beer houses, bars and other self-operated workshops use integrated and combined saccharification equipment. The four basic functions are the same, and the difference lies in the way of combining functions. According to the degree of integration and combination, it can be divided into three-body saccharification equipment, double-body saccharification equipment, and single-body saccharification equipment. The higher the degree of integration, the less the number of equipment.

    It is customary in the industry to divide dual-device equipment into German-style beer equipment and American-style beer equipment. The difference between German-style beer equipment and American-style beer equipment is mainly reflected in the way of functional integration. The upper and lower chambers are subdivided to form another pot. This is the German style and is generally called “two-vessel three-chamber equipment”.

    The main features of this equipment are that the wort filtration is natural filtration, and the spin-sink is to pump the wort from the boiling pot into the spin-flow sedimentation tank, and the spin-sink effect is better; The functions are combined into one pot, which is American style. Commonly referred to as a “dual device”.

    The feature of this equipment is that the wort is filtered by pump suction, and the spin-sink is the spin-sink of the wort in the boiling spin-sink, and the spin-sink has a general effect. In addition, the upper chamber of the typical single saccharification equipment of German equipment is integrated with functions of filtration and spin-sinking, and the lower chamber is integrated with functions of saccharification, boiling and partial cooling.

    In general, the German style is mostly, there is no difference in essence, it depends on your own preferences.

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