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2022 Guide to buying Small beer equipment at Manufacturerer in China

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    This is the ultimate guide for Small beer equipment manufacturer in China. We start with Small beer equipment advantages, system composition, price, usage, giving you complete confidence when choosing your favorite beer equipment manufacturer.

    Small beer equipment
    Small beer equipment

    For your reference, here I list the source of this article:

    China customs;
    The official website of the Brewing Company;
    Interview with experts in the field of beer brewing;
    Interview customers from different countries;
    Interview a salesperson at a beer company.
    Consult the Brewery Manager
    Home Brewing enthusiast

    Let’s dive in!

    The advantages of small beer equipment:

    1. Save space and cost – Small beer equipment is more compact than large-scale production equipment. The cost of the entire production line is lower than that of a large-scale production line. The size of the whole factory can be reduced by 50% (including the warehouse).

    2. Improve efficiency – The use of small-scale production equipment improves efficiency because it requires less labor, reduces wasted materials and improves product quality.

    3. Increase product diversity – Small-scale production equipment can be used to produce different types of products at different times or change the shape or size of products according to demand.

    4. Reduce waste – Because small-scale production equipment requires less energy than large-scale production facilities, there is less scrap produced during the manufacturing process; this reduces costs and saves on raw materials.

    5. Simple structure, convenient operation, movable and easy maintenance.

    6. The cans are made of poly insulation layer, the thickness of the insulation layer above the insulation layer is 60mm, and the density of the insulation layer meets the relevant standards.

    7. The operation and control adopts computer industrial control system to realize automatic control or semi-automatic control.

    8. The connection methods of equipment pipelines are all quick-connect connections, which are convenient for cleaning and maintenance during the production process.

    9. Replacement brand of accessories and storage gateway, durable.

    10. Reasonable design, beautiful processing and beautiful appearance.

    Beer house small beer equipment layout
    Beer house small beer equipment layout

    Small craft beer equipment includes:


    1. Malt crushing system: malt is crushed into powder.

    2. Suguring, boiling, filtering system: The output liquid is then filtered and boiled by the use of hot water and steam. The purpose of this process is to sterilize the liquid and remove debris from the malt particles.

    3. Fermentation system: Yeast is added to the liquid to create alcohol. This process will take place in a secondary container that has been filled with airlocks, which allow gases to escape without letting oxygen into the container.

    4. Temperature control system: In order for fermentation to occur properly, it must be kept at a consistent temperature between 15°C (59°F) and 25°C (77°F). If it gets too cold or too hot, there will be no activity occurring in the fermentation tank whatsoever. This means that you need to have some sort of temperature control mechanism installed into your brewing system!

    5. Refrigeration system: Some beer styles require that they be refrigerated after they have been brewed because they contain high amounts of alcohol content (more than 5%). For example, some Belgian beers are known for having higher alcohol contents than average beers

    The main product is the main process of brewing beer equipment: fermentation tank, lager tank, maturation tank, filtering machine, filling machine, capping machine and so on.


    Small craft beer equipment is suitable for:

    Beer equipment: Beer house beer equipment, hotel bar beer equipment, hot pot barbecue beer equipment, small and medium brewery equipment.

    Hot pot barbecue: Hot pot barbecue steam table, hot pot barbecue grill.

    Hotel bar: Hotel bar countertop wine cooler, hotel bar ice bucket.


    How Much Does Micro-Brewery Equipment Cost?


    If you want to get started with a small brewery, the first thing you need to do is decide what to do. If it is a bar or beer house, the daily output that needs to be invested is relatively large, and generally one saccharification tank and multiple fermentation tanks are required. If you choose food-grade 304 stainless steel, it generally ranges from 80,000 to more than 200,000. And if it is a restaurant, catering, barbecue, night market, or brewing and drinking by yourself, generally three fermentation tanks are enough! If food-grade 304 stainless steel is also used, the investment is only tens of thousands of dollars, generally not more than 100,000.

    1. The material problem of the equipment that affects the price of a set of brewing equipment:

    In fact, the quality of brewing equipment will directly affect the quality and flavor of the wine. Different wines have different brewing equipment. Let’s start with the material. Tin brewing equipment is difficult to popularize due to its high price. Now it has gradually faded out of the brewing equipment market. Stainless steel brewing equipment is resistant to high temperature and has a long service life. Aluminum brewing equipment is usually light, easy to handle, and saves fuel. , no harm to the body. Although most of the equipment on the market currently uses stainless steel as the raw material, there are still aluminum and iron brewing equipment. The price of these two equipment is relatively lower than that of stainless steel brewing equipment. If you blindly pursue low prices Some wine merchant friends may consider choosing winemaking equipment of these two materials. However, as far as stainless steel brewing equipment is concerned, it is divided into industrial stainless steel and food-grade stainless steel. The cost of liquor brewing equipment made of food-grade stainless steel is higher, so the price will also be higher.

    2. The equipment and process problems that affect the price of a set of brewing equipment:

    The production process of brewing equipment is very important. Good brewing equipment cannot be seen in appearance. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the equipment manufacturer and then decide. The brewing equipment is generally made by traditional craftsmanship, and more is the pursuit of equipment. It is not necessary to worry too much about whether the design of the equipment is modern and beautiful, but there are also some wineries that want to sell them now, so they need to consider whether the appearance of the winemaking equipment is beautiful. Alcohol brewing equipment, beautiful and translucent appearance, durable material, high wine yield and long service life.

    3. The equipment advantages that affect how much a set of brewing equipment is worth:

    Pure grain alcohol brewing equipment is not only practical, but also beautiful in appearance. When buying brewing equipment, some wine merchants constantly emphasize that the equipment they need to buy is equipment with high wine yield and good wine quality. If the wine yield is high, The wine quality is not cloudy, the wine quality is fragrant, and the price of a set of equipment with good taste is definitely different. After all, the workmanship and materials required for good equipment are also different. Whether it is a friend who is looking for long-term development or a friend who buys small equipment, it is recommended to buy equipment with excellent quality. After all, it is a drink. It is always right to be cautious.

    4. The equipment specifications that affect the price of a set of brewing equipment:

    Generally, brewing equipment manufacturers produce equipment according to the designed standards. There are multi-functional brewing equipment, automatic brewing equipment, home brewing equipment, small brewing equipment, etc., as well as brewing equipment with specific capacity, ranging from 100 liters to 1000 liters. Various specifications, due to mass production, are much cheaper than customized equipment. Private customization, because it is a single production, the price is relatively high, but it can better meet the requirements of use. Pure grain alcohol brewing equipment is a manufacturer, there are various types of brewing equipment, and a professional design team, which can professionally design brewing equipment, wine storage tanks and other brewing equipment for customers’ requirements. Good brewing equipment may not be suitable for you, but the brewing equipment that suits you must be good equipment.

    Use of Vdobrew® Small craft brewing equipment:


    1. The structure is stable, the failure rate is low, the operation is reliable, safe and efficient, and the maintenance is simple and convenient. It is widely used in hotels, bars, hotels, hot pot restaurants, barbecue restaurants and farm manor houses.

    2. The production process is concise, and the operation is simple for 1-2 people

    3. The equipment has low concentration, high concentration wine yield, improves time, and effectively makes wine

    4. Provide beer raw materials to produce pure fresh beer (yellow beer, dark beer, red beer, white beer and other delicious beers)

    5. Free on-site installation of equipment and winemaking guidance,

     buying high-quality home microbrewery equipment


    1、Professional engineers guide customers to install, operate and maintain beer equipment

    2、Professional brewers teach and train customers to brew different recipes of beer

    3、The quality of the main equipment is guaranteed for 10 years, and the after-sales service cycle lasts for life

    As our final advice, we would like to thank you for reading this purchasing guide for small beer equipment manufacturer with such care. We know that there are lots of competitors looking for promising brewers in China, so we want to help give you the tools to make wise purchasing decisions. We hope that you will find what you are looking for in a supplier and help your business grow.

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