Turnkey Solution Service

Design brewing equipment

Free Concept Design

Basic design confirmation following client’s exact brewing process.

Possible visiting for onsite evaluation of each project

Project evaluation for the most cost-effective solution

More detailed spec sheet for equipment design/production

Detail project management for progress control

high quality production

Detailed drawing and technical sheet for reference.

3D design for better project evaluation

More detailed production plan after confirming the project design.

Strict quality and procedure control during production process

Weekly production report for arranging local issues on site

System pre assembly for testing before transportation

More reasonable arrangement & schedule for customers inspection

In time maintaining and improvement after testing inspection.

Welding brewing equipment
Installation and commissioning of brewing equipment

Commissioning & service

Assured turnkey project installation on site.

Professional engineering team for installation and commission.

Onsite training and testing with local clients.

Detailed documents for installation & operation sharing with clients.

Lift long maintaining service support for all projects.

Vdobrew beer equipment: technical support :

1. Implement turnkey projects according to customer requirements,

Including: production site layout, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and other one-stop services.

2. In order to ensure the safe operation of the product, the equipment can only leave the factory after being inspected and qualified by professional quality inspectors after processing; after the equipment is transported to the site, our engineers will install and debug the equipment for you free of charge, and the winemaker will brew the qualified equipment for you. beer;

The production staff recognized by the customer will give detailed explanations and training on the working principle, operation procedures and maintenance methods of the equipment, so that they can basically operate independently and be able to brew beer within 20 days, and train qualified brewers for customers.

At the same time, teach the brewing process of beer, and provide life-long technical support to relieve your worries.

3. Craft beer equipment, the main body warranty is more than 3 years.

4. Supply common spare parts:

Wine vending machine, sugar meter, wort measuring barrel, stainless steel butterfly valve, venturi oxygenator, food-grade rubber hose, pressure gauge, beer fresh-keeping barrel, heat exchanger, pulverizer, refrigerator, mobile pump, ice water pump, Beer special diatomite filter, filling machine and labeling machine, etc.

Vdobrew craft beer equipment manufacturers after-sales service :

1. Free beer equipment design, beer equipment installation and debugging.

2. Free transfer of self-brewed beer equipment technology and process formula.

3. Vdobrew craft beer equipment main equipment free warranty for 3 years

4. Provide life-long maintenance services to ensure that users around the world get services in a timely manner

5. Lifetime technical service, supply of brewing utensils and beer equipment accessories.​​

6. Customer file management, system file management for customers, to provide customers with fast information at any time.

Vdobrew craft beer equipment manufacturers after-sales service :

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