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How to choose the capacity of beer equipment that suits you?

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    Many friends are buying home-brewed beer equipment, but they don’t know how to choose the size of the equipment that suits them. Is 100 liters suitable? Or 200 liters, 300 liters, 500 liters? The editor of China vdo® will give you an analysis.

    Friends who buy home-brewed beer equipment generally intend to be restaurants, bars, and beer houses, which belong to commercial brewing. The common capacity of commercial self-brewing beer equipment is 100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters, and 500 liters.

    Characteristics Of Different Equipment Capacities.


    (1) Few people use the 100-liter capacity self-brewing beer equipment. Because of the low daily output, such equipment is generally used at home, and the use rate of beer equipment is high, and the loss will be more serious.

    (2) 200 liters of self-brewed beer equipment is still used by some people, because some storefronts do not sell so much home-brewed beer, 200 liters can be self-sufficient, and the price of beer equipment is relatively cheap. Small stores choose this capacity. There are more self-brewing beer equipment.

    (3) There are not so many people using the 300-liter self-brewing beer equipment, because the price is not much cheaper than the 500-liter self-brewing beer equipment, mainly because the materials are not saved, so the price is not cheap.

    (4) The 500-liter self-brewing beer equipment is a very popular one. Because of its strong practicability, it can meet the daily consumption of many restaurants, bars and beer houses. Even if there is surplus, it can be sold in the form of takeaway or wholesale.

    500l Beer Equipment
    500l Beer Equipment

    When you buy beer equipment, we must first understand whether the capacity is suitable for you, and then consider how much the equipment costs. If you are running a small storefront and want to add features to your storefront, the editor of China vdo® recommends choosing a store with a smaller capacity, which can save costs and fit your storefront.

    If you choose China vdo® beer equipment, you can customize it according to the actual situation of the store, and provide services of installation, commissioning, and training of brewing technology. Welcome to visit our factory!

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