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The composition and maintenance of the refrigeration system of beer brewing equipment

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    The refrigeration system is used for cooling and fermentation cooling of saccharified malt juice. After optimizing the design of the refrigeration system, the energy consumption in the operation of the equipment is reduced. The refrigeration system mainly includes refrigeration unit and ice water tank.

    refrigeration system of beer brewing equipment
    refrigeration system of beer brewing equipment

    I: The refrigeration unit is used for cooling and cooling in the beer brewing process,

    and the water temperature is controlled within the range of -5℃-5℃ to provide continuous cooling water for beer brewing.

    Professional refrigeration unit:

    1. Equipped with open stainless steel thick insulation box, built-in automatic water replenishment, automatic temperature control;

    2. Low temperature screw type chiller unit;

    3. Imported compressor with built-in safety protection;

    4. Condenser adopts sleeve type, internal thread copper tube;

    5. Stainless steel shell, corrosion resistant;

    6. Equipped with stainless steel water pump;

    7. High heat transfer efficiency and good heat dissipation performance;

    8. High efficiency and low noise;

    9. Power saving and durable, long service life;

    10. Equipped with casters, easy to move.

    II: The ice water tank is used to prepare ice water for fermentation cooling and cooling water cooling.

    Professional ice water tank:

    1. The raw material is sanitary grade stainless steel 304/306L;

    2. Polyurethane insulation thickness 100mm;

    3. Equipped with temperature probe (PT100).

    III: Daily maintenance of ice water tank and refrigeration unit.

    1: Maintenance of ice water tank.

    The ice water tank is equipped with a liquid level, and we make marks on the liquid level pipe to know the volume of refrigerant in the tank. After a long time, when the liquid level drops, we need to add 95% alcohol to supplement the lost alcohol to achieve the concentration and cooling effect we need. The pipeline between the ice water tank and the ice water pump should be tightened regularly to prevent fluorine leakage.

    2: Daily maintenance of refrigeration unit.

    ① Copper tube refrigeration unit, mainly check the high pressure table and low pressure table of the refrigeration unit. The refrigeration unit is equipped with pressure control. If the pressure is too low, the refrigeration unit will not start, and if it is too high, it will not start. The copper tube nut should be tightened accordingly after a long time to prevent fluorine leakage. The refrigeration unit is three fire lines, one zero line and one ground line. The wiring terminals should also be tightened.

    ② Keep the host clean.

    ③ Check whether the components of the host are loose or damaged.

    ④ Check for refrigerant leakage, check whether the pressure gauge pressure is 0, or whether the reading is lower than usual, check for leakage by visual inspection of the connection of each pipeline or the assembly of components, and confirm whether there is leakage with soap water or refrigerant leak detector.

    ⑤ Check whether the external interlocking circuit, flow switch and water pipe water temperature, water pressure and water flow are normal, and whether they are completely discharged.

    ⑥ Check whether the power supply is normal before and after starting.

    ⑦ Check for abnormal vibration and noise after starting.

    ⑧ Check whether the high and low pressure pressures are normal after starting.

    ⑨ Check whether the host starts, stops and temperature control are normal after starting.

    ⑩ Record the running status of the host; voltage, current, high and low pressure, condenser and evaporator inlet and outlet temperature and pressure. The lubricating oil in the compressor has been added when the host is produced, so it does not need to be refilled. It should be replenished only when the unit is disassembled and repaired. If the unit has abnormal conditions, professional technicians should be notified for inspection and repair.

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