Nano Brewery Equipment

Vdobrew is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel Nano Brewery equipment in China. Produce quality, affordable, home beer brewing equipment.

Why Choose Vdobrew Nano Brewery Equipment ?

 ✔  1. Competitive price, more than 10 years manufacturing experience.

 ✔ 2. ISO9001, CE (2014/68/EU) PED certification

 ✔ 3. Strict quality control, in line with European quality standards

 ✔ 4. Accept customization, professional engineers provide you with design solutions

 ✔ 5. Simple operation: including all jars to be brewed.

 ✔ 6. Compact: covers an area of about 2-3 square meters.

 ✔ 7. All kinds of beer can be brewed, such as lager, pale ale, dark beer, IPA, dark beer, etc.

 ✔ 8. Exquisite craftsmanship: fermentation – double-jacketed conical fermentation tank, with concave plate cooling jacket, perfect welding.

Turnkey Solution Service

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ISO CE ..High Quality Production

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