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Microbrewery Equipment List and Price for Start a Microbrewery

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    there are a lot of things to consider when first starting a home micro brewery. What equipment do you need to start your own microbrewery?

    But running your own microbrewery is an amazing goal and it should be a long term plan. The problem is that every step takes lots of work, research and money. To create the best plan, you need to start with choosing the right equipment.

    Vdobrew has put together a list of small devices that I hope will help you.


    1. Saccharification system


    The mashing system consists of electric heavy steam generator, filter barrel, wort pump, malt plant equipment, mash storage tank and plate temperature heat exchanger. Malt and water can be added together to heat the mixture as it prepares for the process where the mash must be cycled multiple times by adding water to it in each cycle.

    2. Brewery Systems


    Micro Brewery Equipment
    Micro Brewery Equipment

    The process is performed in a business boiler. Syrup is cooked with hops and selected flavors. This technique allows for a hygienic treatment of the pulp, where undesired flavors evaporate.

    3. Fermentation system


    Insist on removing unwanted particles from the beer system and the Fermentation Tanks stage meets the requirements. We should need fermentation vessels, cooling units, and equipment to add yeast to beer. The first two systems involve home heating of beer raw materials. Therefore, the elements need to be cooled to the optimum temperature level before adding the yeast. Considering hygiene issues, you need to choose the best fermentation vessel.

    Micro Fermentation Tanks
    Micro Fermentation Tanks

    4. Air conditioning system equipment


    After the preferred fermentation collection time has been reached, the beer needs to be separated from the yeast. If you don’t get rid of the yeast, your beer is bound to taste bad, and you don’t want to lose customers because of problems you can regulate. Once you’ve separated the two, you’ll want to keep the beer in a neat container to mature your blend to your satisfaction.

    5. Bottling


    The brewed beer is about to be bottled, and the container can be filled using the tap from the microbrewery.

    6. Control System Tools


    Preventing accidents is critical in your brewery layout. For this reason, purchase equipment and control areas where equipment activity and production can be stopped.

    7. Clean the equipment


    All commercial brewing equipment needs to be sanitized. So buy an antacid liquid container as well as a wash pump. If you follow the above list of microbrewing equipment, we have our very own brewery.

    Now you have all the information that you need to start your own microbrewery. Just follow the simple recommendations and choose the equipment you need in a suitable way.

    If you want to know more about beer equipment, you can contact Vdobrew, welcome to discuss!

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