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What system components are included in Micro Brewery Equipment?

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    The composition of Micro Brewery Equipment includes: malt crushing system, mashing system, fermentation system, PLC control system.

    Micro brewery equipment
    Micro brewery equipment

    Micro brewery  Malt crushing system:

    1. Crushing capacity: 300-1000kg/h
    2. The distance between the crushing rollers is easily adjustable.
    3. Using double-roller crushing, the integrity of the husk is high, the dust is less, and the wort yield is improved;
    4. Manual feeding, which can be conveyed to the mashing pot manually or by screw

    Micro brewery Saccharification system:

    1. Saccharification system is composed of saccharification/boiling/spinning tank, filter tank, plate heat exchanger, wort pump and process pipeline. There are 300, 500, and 1000 liters of volume for customers to choose. Outsourcing material: wire drawing board/mirror Panel/original color/copper, etc.;
    2. The mashing pot is heated by steam, and the hop addition device is used to realize the addition of hops to prevent high temperature burns, and an indoor exhaust device can be selected;
    3. The filter tank adopts a milled sieve plate to improve the filtration speed and the coolness of the wort, and an automatic wort discharge device is used to reduce the labor intensity;
    4. Optimize the design of the process pipeline to make the saccharification system more compact and reasonable in layout;

    Micro brewery Fermentation system:

    1. Provide 300L, 500L, or 1000L products, etc.
    2. Using Maitreya plate double-section or multi-section cooling jacket
    3. The tank is equipped with safety valve, sanitary sampling valve, temperature probe, CIP interface, wort import and export interface, and top/side manhole accessories.

    Micro brewery Cooling System:

    1. The refrigeration system consists of a refrigerator, an ice water tank, an ice water pump and valve fittings;
    2. The refrigeration system is used for saccharification wort cooling and fermentation cooling, scientific calculation, so that the equipment can not only meet the production needs of the process without causing energy waste, the ice water tank is insulated with polyurethane, and the supporting liquid level tube monitors the liquid level in real time. Vinyl insulation can effectively reduce cooling loss.
    3. The system is equipped with a CIP disinfection device, including an alkaline water tank, a disinfection water tank, a sanitary washing pump, a pipeline valve, a cart and a control system, which is flexible and easy to operate.

    Control System:

    1. Adopt PLC centralized control and touch screen centralized operation
    2. The brewing recipe can be pre-programmed to run automatically

    Factors affecting the impact of equipment on craft beer

    1. Quality and taste: the equipment meets the process requirements, precision and stability
    2. Personalization and diversification: equipment flexibility (multi-variety, multi-process, flexible combination of equipment
    3. Brand image promotion: equipment appearance, brand
    4. Cost (competitiveness): coordination of the whole line, balance of energy consumption, production efficiency
    microbrewery equipment
    microbrewery equipment

    The whole set of Micro brewery equipment consists of crushing system, saccharification system, fermentation system, refrigeration system, CIP cleaning system, control system, filling system, wine selling system, etc. The containers of the system are all made of SUS304 stainless steel.

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