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The process of using micro beer equipment brewing beer process

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    Today beer equipment manufacturers talk about the process of using Micro beer equipment brewing beer process.


    1. Preparatory phase: Equipment cleaning and commissioning.

    Before each brewing, the operation of the equipment must be checked to ensure good production. Make sure that the cooling water temperature is between -4°C and -6°C.
    Cleaning process of the equipment before use.

    A. Caustic soda water cleaning (85% 1.5%-3%) cold water cleaning – hot water cleaning, suitable for cleaning all equipment.

    B. Soak the fermenter with formaldehyde solution (10% 80-85°C).

    2 . brewing beer before the preparation of materials

    300Kg industrial alcohol, 2 bags of edible kerosene (25Kg/bag), 95% industrial alcohol, 5Kg formaldehyde, 2 large basins (700-800mm), 1 barrel (10L), 1 waterproof flashlight, 3 pairs of gloves (insulation material), stainless steel penny (fine eye)1, some woven bags, water amoy, digital quick measurement thermometer (mercury-free)2
    Beer brewing ingredients: barley brewing, bitter hops, aroma hops, yeast

    3. the specific operation process of the beer equipment and precautions

    1)Operating process of pasting pot

    A. Add about 200L of water, heat to 37℃, keep warm and start feeding, the temperature must be strictly controlled (±1).
    B. After feeding, let it stand for 20min, start heating to 50℃, keep warm for 40-45min, record the time.
    C. Continue heating to 58℃, keep warm for 50-60min, record time.
    D. heating to 68 ℃, holding time 40min, record time.
    E. Heat up to 78℃ most, prepare to enter the filter.

    2) Beer operation flow

    A. The saccharified barley malt must be checked to make sure the pipes are in the correct position before feeding into the scrubber.
    B. When feeding, the saccharification and stirring functions must be turned on. When the feeding is complete, the valve is closed and set to settle for 15 minutes; after that, filtration begins and the saccharification tank is washed at the same time and water is added to prepare the washed water. It takes about 90-120 minutes.
    C. Control the pump during filtration and visually check that the wort meets certain requirements before starting internal circulation filtration.
    D. Open the valve of the past boiling pot and pay attention to the filtration speed (visual inspection).
    E. After filtration of the first wort, add washed water, continue filtration and add to the boiling pot.
    F. At the same time, continue adding 150 liters of water to the saccharification pot and bring it to a boil until the wort cooling equipment and the yeast tank are sterilized and sterilized.

    4. Boiling operation process

    A. Wait for the first wort and lees to enter the boiling pot and begin heating to 105°C.
    B. When the wort boils, the heater must be turned off to stop the boiling. Add 80 grams of bitter hops and continue heating for 60 minutes. (Heat must be stopped or it will froth badly)
    C. At the end of the boil time, you must turn off the heater to stop the boil, add 120g of aroma hops, and then heat for 5 minutes to move to the next step. (You must stop the heating or it will froth badly)

    5. Wort cooling and yeast adding operation procedure

    A. Check the piping connection and sterilize the wort cooling equipment in the saccharification pot with boiling water. When it is necessary to sterilize the fermenter, enter from the side pipe, the connection stability of the pipe connection must be determined, and hot water should be prevented from spraying out. The pump should be kept half open.
    B. After sterilization is finished, first turn on the tap water, turn on the pump, turn on the cooling water, start cooling the wort, wait for the wort to cool, then turn off the pump and cooling water and add the yeast, turn on the cooling water and pump, then wait for the wort to enter. At a fixed time, start flushing oxygen and pump all remaining wort into the fermenter with oxygen. All connections should be disinfected with 95% alcohol. Clean tools. Next use.

    Fermentation Tanks

    6. Fermentation operation process

    A. Determine the concentration of wort and adjust the temperature of the Fermentation tanks between 11°C and 12°C. Open the drain valve the next day to properly discharge the effluent.
    B. When the wort concentration reaches 4bx, seal the irrigation and continue fermentation, adjusting the temperature to 12℃-13℃.
    C. Activate yeast; oxygen at 0.01 pressure, maintain temperature at 9-9.5, heat to 10-11°C when sugar content drops to 4bx, pressure at 0.14; store at 4°C per week and 1-2°C per day.

    After fermentation is finished, fermenting sugar is added to mature the beer and saturate it with carbon dioxide, and then the beer is poured or (transferred) into a storage container, such as a keg or bottle, to wait for the beer to mature.

    The above is the detailed operation process of brewing beer with beer equipment, for more other contents you can collect the official website of dobrew, or leave a message directly.

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