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How to judge the quality of craft beer equipment

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    The purchase of craft beer equipment in the market can be said to be more and more. With the increase of purchasers, there are more and more types in the market, and the prices are also different. How to judge the equipment when purchasing Is it good or bad? What are the methods of judgment? This is a topic that many consumers are more concerned about. China Vdo Machinery (JINAN) Co., Ltd. has made a detailed answer to this question.

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    Method 1. Look at the thickness of the insulation layer of the equipment

    The thickness of the insulation layer of craft beer equipment is related to the amount of electricity used. If the thermal insulation layer is too thin, use inferior thermal insulation materials, and the thermal insulation effect is poor, it will greatly increase the power consumption.

    Method 2: Check whether the fermentation tank of the equipment has holes

    The manhole of the equipment fermentation tank has a great role. First, it can handle the welding slag and weld inside, and it is not easy to leak and open welding; secondly, it can observe the position of the wine liquid and adjust the brewing time in time, so that the wine will not be broken; Add hops to make beer taste better.

    Method 3. Look at the thickness of the inner tank of the device

    When choosing craft beer equipment, it is necessary to choose a steel plate with a thickness of more than 2mm. Even if such equipment is subjected to many times of cold and heat shocks, the weld will not be easy to open. Otherwise, if you buy equipment with too thin steel plates, it will not take long for the air to leak, which will seriously affect the winemaking.

    Method 4. Look at the compressor power of the equipment

    The power of the compressor also has an impact on the brewed beer. Everyone in the industry knows that after the wine is poured into the fermentation tank, the greater the cooling power, the faster the wine is lowered to the fermentation temperature, and the taste of the beer will be relatively better.


    Method 5. Look at pipe fittings, valves and various accessories

    Pipe fittings, valves and various accessories, which are of poor quality and low price on the market, will rust or be damaged by water leakage in a short time, cut corners and make shoddy equipment. It costs electricity, water, and man-hours when using it, the wine is damaged, the cost is high, and it is not smooth, the fermentation tank leaks, the electrical components fail frequently, and the wine is difficult to make, drink, and sell. Such equipment should also be selected carefully. Equipment purchases are subject to such rules. The quality of equipment is good, the quality of wine is stable, customers are willing to pay for good quality, and the store performance is booming. When expanding operations, they will choose equipment with better quality, so that the craft brewing industry can enter a virtuous circle.

    The above is an introduction to the knowledge of the methods for judging the quality of craft beer equipment. The article introduces five methods in total. Among the five methods, the two most commonly used methods are: look at the thickness of the inner tank of the equipment, and choose the inner liner. If the thickness of the bile steel plate is more than 2mm, and the thickness of the insulation layer of the equipment is too thin, if the insulation layer is too thin, inferior insulation materials are used, and the insulation effect is poor, which will greatly increase the power consumption. You can contact Shandong China Vdo Machinery (JINAN) Co., Ltd to learn more.

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