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How much is a set of brewing equipment?

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    Winemaking has been around since ancient times, but it is different from modern winemaking methods. In ancient times, people brewed wine by placing grain in earthenware jars and burying them in the ground, but now they use winemaking equipment to make wine. .

    So how much is a set of our modern brewing equipment? The price of brewing equipment on the market depends on its material and workmanship.

    100L brewing equipment
    100L brewing equipment

    How much is a set of brewing equipment

    The price of brewing equipment on the market depends on its material and workmanship. The general material is stainless steel, and its appearance will be brighter and smoother. Then the price of a set will generally be around $1,000 to $50,000。

    The price of this brewing equipment will not be very high. It is expensive and has very good performance. Not only is the material wear-resistant and heat-resistant, but more importantly, it is easy to clean. This is a very important point for brewing equipment, because we all know that the process of brewing is a part of fermentation. This process involves the reproduction of many colonies. Therefore, it is an important factor to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.

    In addition, the price of the equipment not only involves the product itself, but also includes its high-quality after-sales service. Therefore, buying such a brewing equipment is also very worthwhile.

    In the process of purchasing, we must learn to be optimistic about the price/performance ratio. It is not the more expensive the equipment is, the better. We should combine the function of the product in the price to see if it is reasonable. Generally, equipment is not expensive. Choose the right brewing equipment for your own situation.

    How much is a set of brewing equipment, tips for choosing brewing equipment


    As the saying goes, what is applicable is the kingly way. Buying the right brewing equipment can often get twice the result with half the effort. Faced with the dazzling array of winemaking equipment on the market, are you dazzled and don’t know where to choose? Under normal circumstances, the material of the equipment determines the quality of the brewing equipment, and the sales and demand of wine determine the size of the equipment.

    (1) The new brewing equipment is easy to operate, efficient and energy-saving, and has excellent wine quality

    The traditional brewing equipment is iron pot, because it is easy to rust, so the brewed wine often has the smell of rust. Most of the traditional condensers and air ducts are made of aluminum plates. During the brewing process, it is inevitable that alumina will enter the liquor, which affects the quality of the liquor, and the liquor containing alumina will cause harm to the body. The new brewing equipment has been improved in material, all made of high-quality stainless steel, the design is more reasonable, and the operation is relatively simple. The new type of brewing equipment is tightly closed, the cooling effect is good, the temperature of the wine will not exceed 30 degrees, and the aromatic substances of the wine are not easily volatile. Therefore, the new stainless steel brewing equipment has a great improvement in the taste of white wine brewed by traditional equipment.

    (2) The sales volume and demand of wine determine the size of the equipment

    The size of the equipment should be determined according to the actual sales volume or the volume of brewing and raising pigs. The brewing equipment is calculated based on the fuel input. The household type is generally 50 or 100 type, the workshop is generally 200 to 500 type, and the industrial type is 1000 or more. Generally, raising 10-20 pigs requires brewing equipment of type 100-200. Type 100-200 is a feeding of 100-200 catties of grain at a time, and can be brewed several times a day.

    (3) National certified professional equipment manufacturers

    The brewing equipment purchased must be certified by the state. Beware of buying the combined brewing equipment that has been eliminated on the market. In order to avoid being deceived, it is recommended to look at the physical brewing equipment. Selecting professional equipment manufacturers can purchase excellent brewing equipment. Good brewing equipment has obvious advantages: stable safety performance, long service life, fast wine production, high wine rate, fuel saving, and good wine quality.

    Tips for choosing brewing equipment, what kind of brewing equipment is good?



    Timber, the cost is cheap, but the wood is made of pieces of wooden boards. There are gaps between the boards, and the sealing performance is not good. In addition, the cooling performance of the heaven pot is not good, which causes the wine vapor to run out, which reduces the output by about 20%. Buy it cheaply Expensive to use.

    Of course, the cost of iron sheet is also cheap, but iron sheet is easy to rust, and the steamed wine has a rust taste and turns yellow in color, which affects the quality and taste of liquor.

    Aluminum alloy, will not rust, not high temperature. Aluminum alloy contains lead element, which is decomposed during the process of steaming wine, which affects the quality of liquor and contains carcinogens. According to the National Food Sanitation Law, aluminum alloy cannot be used to make food utensils.

    Ceramics, using ceramics to steam wine, the taste of wine is okay, but the thermal conductivity of ceramics is slow, and the time for steaming wine is long, which wastes fuel. And it is not easy to move and fragile, and it is also cheap to buy and expensive to use.

    Copper, with copper ions can improve the quality of liquor, is the best material for winemaking equipment, but the cost is expensive, a small equipment costs tens of thousands of yuan.

    304 Stainless steel, there are industrial, food-specific, medical-specific steel, usually food-specific is 8K304 steel, acid, alkali, high temperature resistance. The lifespan is as long as 10 years, the thermal conductivity is good, and the cooling and sealing performance is also good, which can ensure the output and quality of liquor, and the cost is moderate. It is the best choice for brewing equipment.

    Now there are many people who love to drink. They buy a set of equipment to make their own wine, but they don’t know which equipment is better to choose when they buy it, and they don’t know how much a set of equipment costs. Now you can refer to the above article. For your reference.

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