Fermentation Tanks

Stainless steel Fermentation Tanks/conical fermenters, professional welding. Fast Delivery Time.Vdobrew Beer fermenters, With Advantages of Simple Operation, Occupy Small Area & Low Cost.

China Vdo Fermentation Tanks

No.ConfigurationDescription500L Fermenter
1VolumeEffective volume500L
Total Volume including head space625L
2DimensionNet Size in mmΦ960*2250mm
3Related accessoriesSide Manway
Mechanical relief valve on top
360° spray ball equip with CIP arm
Spunding valve on CO2 Blow off arm
pressure gauge on CIP arm
Sample Valve
Carbonation StoneOptional
Temperature probe: PT-100
Beer outlet & racking arm
Bottom drain port
Sanitary Butterfly valve & clamp & gaskets
4Glycol CoolingDimple plate Cooling jacket on cone and body
Glycol water inlet/outlet
Fermentation Tanks
5Insulation layerPU-thickness= 80mm

Design pressure 0.3MPa(43.5psi)

Working pressure 0.15Mpa(21.7psi)

7Inner-jacket (SUS304) thickness3mm, pickling and passivating treated
 External-Jacket (SUS304) thickness 2mm, Hairline polishing
8Legs4pcs x heavy duty supporting legs
9Hops addingDry Hops adding port on top
10CO2 Blow offExtra CO2 Blow off arm (parallel to CIP arm)

Advantages of beer fermentation tanks

1. The bottom is conical, which is convenient for yeast to be discharged during the production process, and cohesive yeast is required.

2. The tank itself has a cooling device, which is convenient for the control of the fermentation temperature, the fermentation period is shortened, the number of contamination machines is small, and the beer quality is stable.

3. There is a thermal insulation device outside the tank, which can be placed outdoors, reducing construction investment, saving floor space, and facilitating expansion.

4. The closed tank is adopted, which is convenient for CO2 washing and CO2 recovery, and fermentation can also be carried out under pressure.

5. The fermentation broth in the tank produces a CO2 gradient (ie, a density gradient) due to the liquid. Through cooling control, natural convection of fermentation liquid can be carried out, and the higher the tank, the better the convection. Due to the presence of strong convection, the fermentation capacity of yeast is shortened and the fermentation period is shortened.

6. The fermentation tank can be controlled by instrument or computer, which is easy to operate and easy to manage.

7. CIP automatic cleaning device can be used, which is easy to clean.

8. The conical tank is easy to process (can be processed on site).

9. The capacity can be adjusted according to production needs, the capacity can be 2m3-6m3, and the height can be up to 15m3.

Why Choose Vdobrew beer fermentation tanks ?

 ✔  1. Competitive price, more than 10 years manufacturing experience.

 ✔ 2. ISO9001, CE (2014/68/EU) PED certification

 ✔ 3. Strict quality control, in line with European quality standards

 ✔ 4. Accept customization, professional engineers provide you with design solutions

 ✔ 5. Simple operation: including all jars to be brewed.

 ✔ 6. Compact: covers an area of about 2-3 square meters.

 ✔ 7. All kinds of beer can be brewed, such as lager, pale ale, dark beer, IPA, dark beer, etc.

 ✔ 8. Exquisite craftsmanship: fermentation – double-jacketed conical fermentation tank, with concave plate cooling jacket, perfect welding.

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