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Comparing Split Machines and Integrated Brewing Equipment for Craft Beer in China

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    There are many craft beer equipment manufacturers in the Chinese market.Beer equipment manufacturers are roughly divided into two categories:

    One is an integrated brewing equipment manufacturer. This equipment is commonly known as an all-in-one machine in the industry, also known as “one plus several” (according to the number of fermentation tanks, it is determined by the number of fermentation tanks, generally one and three, four, and six are shared).

    This all-in-one means mashing, filtration and fermentation are all done in one tank. Cooling with water is required and it takes about 12 to 13 hours to complete mashing. Nobody realizes the value of fossils. The all-in-one machine generally occupies a smaller area and has a smaller amount of alcohol at a time. The fermenter part is the bottom of the refrigerated tank, and the wine is unstable. One compressor per tank and one home compressor. less power.

    China integrated brewing equipment
    China integrated brewing equipment

    The other is the manufacturer of self-brewed beer equipment split machines. It is generally divided into two pots and three utensils, three pots and three pots, three pots and four pots, etc. An example of a two- and three-pot craft beer facility is an operation aware of the value of fossils.

    The two-pot and three-pot unit, also known as the three-pot and two-pot unit, has two tanks, one is for saccharification and boiling, and the other is for upper filtration and sinking, which can carry and realize the value of the grain. Just like making tea, the tea leaves can be dusted three or four times without affecting the quality of the tea).

    The two-pot-three-device equipment can be equipped with three pots and three devices or three-device and four-device according to production needs. Fermentation tanks can be equipped with four, six, or more as required, and the number of fermentation tanks can be determined according to specific wine types.

    At the same time, the fermentation part of the self-brewed beer equipment is controlled by the PLC temperature control system. The whole tank is made of 304 stainless steel, interlayered with milling boards, and the whole tank is evenly refrigerated. Fully automatic operation, convenient and quick operation.

    Manufacturers of craft beer equipment suggest that two fermentation tanks should be used to brew a kind of wine to ensure the continuous production of this kind of wine.

    For details, please consult the craft beer equipment manufacturer. Generally, mashing takes 7-8 hours to complete. The equipment has 100 liters, 200 liters, 300 liters, and 500 liters.

    Chinese craft beer split machine
    Chinese craft beer split machine

    Small home brewing equipment is suitable for bars, hotels, restaurants, beer houses, and KTV.

    Diversified business models. The large ones are 1000 liters, 2000 liters, and more than 3000 liters. It is suitable for small and medium-sized craft breweries, food stalls, night market beer delivery, etc.

    All-in-one machines and split machines have their own advantages. The production process of the two kinds of equipment is different, and the operation mode is also different. For details, please consult the craft beer equipment manufacturer.

    I hope this article helps anyone looking to get into the craft beer industry.

    If you are interested in this industry, you must find reliable craft beer equipment experts. The self-brewing equipment produced by excellent beer equipment manufacturers has stable performance, and the brewed beer tastes good.

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