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Tips for choosing brewing equipment, what materials are good for brewing equipment

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    The cost of wood is cheap


    but the wood is made of pieces of wooden boards. There are gaps between the boards, and the airtightness is not good. In addition, the cooling performance of the sky pot is not good, which causes the wine vapor to run out, which reduces the output by about 20%. It is cheap to buy Expensive.


    The iron sheet is of course cheap to make

    but the iron sheet is easy to rust, and the steamed wine has a rusty taste and turns yellow in color, which affects the quality and taste of the liquor.

    Aluminum alloy

    will not rust, and is not resistant to high temperatures. Aluminum alloy contains lead element, which is decomposed during the steaming process, which affects the quality of liquor and contains carcinogens. According to the National Food Sanitation Law, aluminum alloy cannot be used to make food utensils.


    using ceramics to steam wine, the taste of wine is fine, but the thermal conductivity of ceramics is slow, the steaming time is long, and fuel is wasted. Moreover, it is not easy to move and fragile, and it is also cheap to buy and expensive to use.


    with copper ions can improve the quality of liquor, is the best brewing equipment material, but the cost is expensive, a small equipment costs tens of thousands of yuan.

    Stainless steel includes industrial


    food, and medical steel. Usually, 304 steel is used for food, which is resistant to acid, alkali, and high temperature. The service life is as long as 10 years, the thermal conductivity is good, the cooling and sealing performance is good, it can ensure the output and quality of liquor, and the cost is moderate. It is the best choice for brewing equipment.

    Nowadays, there are many people who love to drink and buy a set of equipment to make their own wine, but they don’t know which equipment to choose when they buy it. Now everyone can refer to the above article for your reference.

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