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Choose craft beer equipment based on production scale

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    Some people say that when talking about craft beer equipment, it is the kind of craft beer house-style equipment, but it is not.

    Craft beer equipment is divided into different capacities, so how much brewing equipment do you choose for craft beer houses, large craft beer factories, bars, and hotels?

    Everyone is using craft beer equipment, and you can even brew craft beer at home. At the current stage, craft beer is booming, why don’t you seize the opportunity to make a profit?

    500L Nano Brewery Equipment

    1. Craft Beer House

    This kind of craft beer equipment is mainly used in some bars, hotels and restaurants. Most of the daily output is about 500L. Of course, the output will vary according to the demand. This equipment must be suitable for you when choosing. decoration style. Craft beer houses are also the most popular way to make money in craft beer. Not only are there various styles, but also the types are more changeable. Investing in this type of craft beer business has relatively high risks, so you must choose your own business method. and store location.

    craft beer factory
    2. Craft beer factory

    Craft beer factory is a large-scale brewing production project. If craft beer equipment is selected, it is generally more than 1000L. The craft beer production line is the main source. It mainly supplies the supply of craft beer supermarkets. The investment is relatively large and craft beer is required. Production license, so it is not suitable for personal investment in craft beer projects.

    1000L Brewery Equipment
    3. Small craft beer brewing workshop


    The self-brewing workshop is self-brewed and sold by itself. The output of craft beer equipment is small, about 500L or less, and the investment is small and suitable for beginners. With the popularity of craft beer, there are more and more marketing methods.

    Now with more and more people drinking, people are starting to change from drinking beer to drinking good beer, so the craft brewing industry will become more and more popular. If you want to enter this industry, you must first understand some of the situation in this industry , to avoid pitfalls. You can also private message me to know, I will give the most detailed quotation and answer.

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