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Normal temperature Characteristics and application scope of beer brewing equipment

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    1. The craft of beer brewing:

    The fundamental difference between the normal temperature brewing process and the low temperature brewing process is that it does not need to go through the complex process of raw material crushing → gelatinization → saccharification → boiling → filtration → wort, that is, room temperature brewing does not require the process of raw material processing. Because the beer raw material used is the processed “wort”, the “brigalow” wort is directly mixed with water and yeast is fermented for a certain period of time. The whole brewing process is carried out at room temperature, and the liquor is stored at room temperature.

    beer brewing equipment

    2. the brewed craft beer features:

    Short cycle, long shelf life, more nutritious and fresher: the beer produced by the normal temperature brewing process is a pure nutritional fresh beer, which does not require filtration and high temperature sterilization, so that the unique flavor and nutrients are retained in the beer. The brewing cycle only takes 5-7 days, and the brewed beer has a shelf life of more than 3-6 months.

    3. Types of wine brewed by beer equipment:

    More varieties, more freshness, more consumption and more profits: according to the different needs of customers for beer taste, brewed black beer, red beer, yellow beer, wheat beer, ginger beer and other varieties, and can also brew a variety of beauty products , Health function wine. Such as: green beer; aloe beer, chrysanthemum beer, cactus beer, pineapple beer, wolfberry beer, papaya beer, apple beer, etc. The taste can be adjusted at will, and each taste can also be produced in high, medium and low price types to meet different consumer groups.

    4.the scope of application of room temperature brewing beer equipment:

    According to the needs of different customers, there are many models for you to choose from: In addition, Vdobrew provides private Brewery equipment customization services

    Small restaurant and household type: equipment with a daily output of 300-500 liters, the quality of the equipment is stainless steel for food, and the appearance is divided into three types: ordinary silver white (polished), luxurious golden yellow, and classical wood. Suitable for home brewing Self-drinking, it is also suitable for small bars, small barbecue shophouses, small hot pot restaurants, specialty snack cities and other small restaurants. Area: 2-4 square meters.

    Large and medium-sized restaurants: the scale is 100-500 liters of equipment per day, the quality of the equipment is stainless steel for food, and the appearance is divided into three types: silver white (polished), classical wood, and luxurious golden yellow. It is suitable for hotels and restaurants over 200 square meters. , hot pot restaurant, barbecue restaurant, bar, beer house, farmhouse, tourist destination, beer garden, leisure and entertainment place. Area: 4-15 square meters.

    beer house

    Brewery equipment type: equipment with a daily output of 1 ton to 10 tons and above, the quality of the equipment is stainless steel for food, and the appearance is silver-white (polished). Suitable for medium-sized breweries and beer workshops.

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