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How to do maintenance work in beer equipment life

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    The beer equipment is roughly composed of a pulverizer, a filter tank and a fermentation tank, a freezer and a control cabinet. When using the machine, there are bound to be some problems. How can we minimize the problems? That is the daily maintenance of beer equipment. See what to do with beer equipment maintenance.

    Beer Equipment Maintenance

    1. If the machine has abnormal phenomena during use, it is not allowed to disassemble the parts by yourself. Please ask professional maintenance personnel to check and solve it.

    2. In order to avoid compressor failure, there must be a 5-minute difference between compressor operations.

    3. Fully disperse the hot air of the unit, avoid dust and oil pollution on the outer layer, and better improve the cooling effect.

    4. When the whole machine is not used for a long time, turn off the power switch to ensure that the box is clean and free of moisture.

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