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Craft beer equipment investment advice

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    If you invest in starting a brewery or bar, you face the problem of calculating your return beer equipment investment. Then this guide will be especially useful to you.

    COVID-19 has brought a crisis to all walks of life. Everything has two sides. We can’t focus on the crisis, we should focus more on the opportunity.

    After the epidemic, all industries are waiting to be prospered, and favorable policies to stimulate economic development will be launched, which will bring great impetus to the development of all industries.

    craft beer factory

    The sales market of craft beer is sure to be one of the skyrocketing sales products, bringing great investment opportunities for entrepreneurs.

    Today, China Vdo Machinery (JINAN) Co., Ltd, a beer equipment manufacturer,provides the following reference suggestions for your beer equipment
    investment in craft beer projects and the selection of craft beer equipment, hoping to help you.

    1. Positioning of business model


    First of all, we have to position our own business model, which will affect what kind of beer equipment we choose.

    There are generally three types of business models:

    A category of consumption places that focus on catering (hotels, barbecue restaurants, hot pot restaurants, guesthouses, cafeterias, KTVs, business clubs, entertainment clubs, farmhouses, resorts, food stalls, etc.);

    The second category is bars, beer houses, pubs, etc. that mainly consume alcohol; the third category is large, medium and small breweries that supply major supermarket liquor agents.

    beer houses brewing & nano-brewery
    beer houses brewing & nano-brewery

    Only by clarifying one of your own business models can you clarify the direction of equipment selection.

    2. the positioning of beer equipment investment


    The positioning of beer equipment includes two points: one is the selection of the size of the equipment; the other is the selection of the equipment model. Let’s analyze the factors that influence equipment selection.

    (1) Investigate the consumption level of the local market and the daily sales volume of drinks. The consumption level determines the price of your drinks, and the sales volume determines the size of the equipment:Micro Brewery Equipment(100L-200L per day), medium-sized beer equipment (300L-300L per day) 800L), brewery equipment (1 ton to hundreds of tons per day);

    (2) The model of beer equipment is distinguished according to the combination form of saccharification equipment, which is generally divided into four types: two-bodies and two-bodies, three-bodies and two-bodies, three-bodies and three-bodies, and four-bodies and four-bodies. Manufacturers generally recommend that you choose three devices and two bodies. This combination is relatively simple to operate, and the work efficiency is relatively high.

    (3) Determine the type of craft beer you want to sell. The brewing process is different and there are various types, but the three common ones are white beer, yellow beer, and dark beer. Really good, these three are also the beers that sell a lot. Why emphasize this type here, because it will determine the number of your fermenters.

    3. Seasonal considerations for beer consumption


    The consumption of beer is more seasonal. Generally speaking, beer consumption is higher in summer and lower in winter. Therefore, when choosing beer equipment investment, the size of the equipment is generally determined according to the larger quantity, even if you are in the peak season, it will not affect your sales volume.

    4. Selection of equipment placement location and placement design


    Our company provides site layout design, and designs the placement of craft beer equipment according to the overall decoration characteristics of the customer’s store. Considering both the appearance of the equipment and the convenience of equipment operation, we provide customers with one-stop service of design, installation and brewing, and provide customers with one-stop services. Save valuable time.

    5. Cost budget and profit recovery


    Cost: The in-store price (plus shipping) + water + electricity / total amount of beer per 1 catties of white beer. The current calculated price is 1.02RMB/500G, which is the direct production cost. Some customers say that there are labor costs and rent not included, and the actual profits are not that high.

    Because the situation of each store is different, if you want to exclude labor and rent, it is a net profit. Here we only count the gross profit. Selling price/500G—production cost/500G—container cost/500G=gross profit/500G; it can be seen from the above that the actual selling cost of 500G beer is 1.5RMB.

    Profit: beer profit = actual sales in line with the local market – the cost of home brewed beer.

    As a professional craft beer equipment manufacturing service provider, China Vdo Machinery (JINAN) Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and technical services.

    Commericial brewing
    Commercial brewing equipment

    The leading products include small and medium-sized brewery equipment, self-brewing beer equipment for hotels and bars, craft beer equipment for craft beer houses, teaching and experimental brewing equipment, and brewing technical services.

    Our company has a craft beer experience center, you are welcome to visit the beer equipment factory and taste craft beer.

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