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A few suggestions before investing in craft beer equipment projects!

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    Homebrew equipment manufacturers today share a few tips for owners who want to invest in craft beer equipment projects, and I hope they will be helpful to you. You need to consider a few points before investing in beer equipment.



    1.Equipment positioning

    Beer equipment is mainly used in hotels, barbecue restaurants, hot pot restaurants, inns, cafeterias, KTV, business clubs, entertainment clubs, farmhouses, resorts, food stalls and other consumption places that mainly focus on catering or bars that mainly consume alcohol, bars, etc., or large, medium and small enterprises and institutions for the benefit of their employees. Depending on the actual situation of the store, the beer equipment can be customized according to the specific situation.

    2. Local customer flow and overall consumption level

    The customer flow and overall consumption level of the store location is an important basis for determining the size of the equipment chosen by the investor. If customer traffic is high and overall consumption levels are high, choose beer equipment with a high daily capacity to avoid shortages. Conversely, equipment with a lower daily capacity should be considered to prevent wasted resources and indirectly increase costs.


    3. Seasonal considerations of beer consumption

    The seasonal consumption of beer is more pronounced. Generally speaking, beer consumption is the highest of all seasons in the summer, while it is relatively low in the winter. Therefore, when selecting beer equipment, the size of the equipment is usually determined based on the maximum quantity.

    4. Regarding the choice of equipment layout and layout design

    Our company has a full-time designer to carry out on-site measurement and accounting, and design the placement of homemade beer equipment according to the overall decorative features of the customer’s store. It not only considers the aesthetic placement of the equipment, but also the convenience of the operation of the equipment. It provides design, installation and brewing for customers. One-stop service saves customers’ valuable time.

    bottled craft beer
    bottled craft beer

    5. Cost budget and profit recovery


    Price per 500 liters of yellow beer using various raw materials to the store (plus shipping costs) + water + electricity / total beer
    The current calculated price is $1.02 per kilogram of 500 grams. Some customers say that there are also labor costs and rents that are not accounted for and that the actual profit is not very high. Since every store is different, if you want to reduce labor and rent, that is the net profit. Here we calculate only the gross profit.

    Selling price / 500g – Production cost / 500g – Container cost / 500g = Profit / 500g
    As you can see from the above, the actual cost of selling 1 kg of beer is $1.50.
    Beer profit = actual sales match the local market cost of brewing beer

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