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7 Ways to Reduce Fermentation Losses in Beer Equipment

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    When using small beer equipment for brewing, the wort is injected into the fermentation tank for fermentation, which will cause a certain loss during the beer fermentation process. Today, beer equipment manufacturers talk about how to control the fermentation loss!

    Beer Equipment
    Beer Equipment

    For the existing domestic beer equipment, the following points should be paid attention to in order to control the fermentation loss:

    (1) There should be a reasonable arrangement of equipment, preferably the yeast addition tank is located above the main fermentation tank, and the main fermentation tank is located above the wine storage tank. Not only does it not need to use pumping when serving wine, but it can also reduce pipeline losses. .

    beer fermentation tank

    (2) It is best to use pipe socket joints for the joints of wine pipes, and do not use ordinary socket joints to prevent falling off and leakage.

    When disassembling the joint, it is better to put a receiving basin at the lower part of the joint, so as to fully recover the fermentation liquid remaining in the pipeline.

    (3) The yeast addition tank and the discharge port of the main fermentation tank should be made into a groove, which is convenient for draining the wine in the tank and avoids the loss of more residual liquid.

    In order to prevent a large amount of sediment from being brought out when the wine is served, a yeast block can be installed at the outlet.

    (4) When recovering the yeast and removing the sediment, it is best to put it into the yeast basin for a period of time to collect the residual liquor.

    (5) The measuring instruments should be calibrated to avoid parallax as much as possible.

    (6) A three-way valve with a sight glass should be installed at the cone bottom of the large tank, which can control the loss of wine when discharging yeast and cold coagulation.

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