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6 Steps to Properly Using Your Beer Fermentation Tanks

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    A fermenter is a piece of equipment for brewing craft beer. So how to properly use a fermentation tank to brew beer? Today, China vdobrew craft beer equipment manufacturers will explain to you.

    fermentation tank

    Structural characteristics of the fermenter body:

    It can be cleaned online by CIP and sterilized by SIP. Appropriate diameter-to-height ratio design, customized stirring device on demand, energy saving, good stirring and fermentation effect.

    Designed in accordance with sanitary requirements, the structure design is very user-friendly and easy to operate.

    Smooth transmission and low noise. The inner tank surface is mirror polished.

    All the inlet and outlet nozzles, sight mirrors, manholes and other process openings and the inner tank body are welded by stretching and flanging process arc transitions, which are smooth and easy to clean without dead ends, ensuring the reliability and stability of the production process.

    Fermentation Tanks

    How to use the fermenter:

    1. Calibrate pH electrode and dissolved oxygen electrode.

    2. Sterilize the tank. The culture medium is dispensed into the tank as required, and the tank is put into a large sterilizer for sterilization after sealing as required.

    3. After the tank is cooled, place it on the fermentation table and install it well; turn on the cooling water, turn on the power of the air pump, connect the ventilation pipe to start ventilation, adjust the air intake knob to make the ventilation volume appropriate, turn on the power of the fermentation tank, set the temperature, pH, stirring speed, etc.

    4. After the temperature is stable and all the parameters are correct, connect the pre-shaken seeds, start the fermentation time, and start recording various parameters.

    5. After the fermentation, clean the tank body and the electrode, and insert the electrode into the triangular flask with 4M potassium chloride for use.


    The above is the method shared by craft beer equipment manufacturers on how to use the fermentation tank correctly. For brewing, we must master every step in order to brew real good beer.

    Please contact us if you have purchase requirements for fermentation tanks.

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